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2010-05-31 - 8:06 a.m.

I let the bear have a lie in by watching the Andrew Marr show. There was a new poem on the Patteran Pages. On AM, there was sympathy for David Laws but not for BP. So long then Dennis Hopper, a great patron of the arts, I believe. Bear eventually opened up with Tin Tin Out. Charlie Alexander from Jazzwise mailed via Linkedin suggesting we meet in Richmond on Friday evening. We discussed various works by Paul Ritzler. Amazon mailed asking for a review of Vanessa Daou.

I asked about David Sylvian Radio and the bear put on Hector Zazou from Sahara Blue – a CD which I have somewhere – it also features John Cale. Then bear had a fit – I have no idea why. After lunch I put on Vanessa Daou and listened through twice – then Hejira where I looked up the chords for Amelia. After tea I tried the bear again and he did P J Harvey and Laura Nyro – a live version Emmie which I didn’t recognise – followed by the Arrangement – very pianistic. Then the bear had another fit and went off in a sulk. After a while I suggested we do Hhancock radio so he put on some Bill Evans which was reasonable enough followed by M Brecker and a Chick Corea/Gary Burton duet. Tuned percussion is one of the things I would like to use in a SD-50. Then there was another sulk.

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