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2010-05-30 - 9:21 a.m.

I woke late so that the bear was up before me Ė I had stayed up watching the film about hip-hop even though it lived down to the pre-publicity. There were a couple of e/ms from PW to which I replied. One was whether Corinne Bailey Rae is simply cool? I listened to the two blues tracks on Patteran Pages which sounded very good for people sitting around in a room playing. Bear played the Travelling Wilburys which could have been a gesture of solidarity.

I am still thinking about the chord sequence I knocked out on Friday morning. I am also beginning to think of how I would use a Roland SD-50. I think it would probably mean switching to Cakewalk but thatís not the end of the world. I have realised that two years ago my cousin gave me a bag full of old polo shirts that Iíll be able to wear in Provence. I am not a fan of Bank Holiday weekends. I read the 20th Century Woman blog which has pictures of bears in Alaska Ė plus Andrew Kís weekly posting hereabouts. I canít work out why LFM links Labra Lansh with Robin.

I read some of the articles circulated in outline by UKCES, passed a few on and ferreted about on their website. I read the Wikipedia article on quartal harmony which is nicely detailed. I decided to buy a book on quartal jazz voicings for the piano. The author Ė Paul Rinzler has also written on the contradictions in jazz but this though inviting looks a bit pricey. The author is on Linkedin with only nine links. He offers some free jazz education material here:


including this on quartal voicings


Part of the drive on quartal harmony is to be able to do on guitar some of the harmonic fills that Hhancock slips in on River.

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