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2010-05-29 - 12:18 a.m.

The Bear was so grumpy yesterday morning he wouldn’t even put in an appearance. So I played Ole by John Coltrane with Eric Dolphy and Freddie Hubbard. Richard Perle was on the Today programme and I mailed James about what he said on pre-emption. For some reason I had fourth chords on my mind – some with an augmented fourth at the bottom. I even played a few harmonies on the Danelectro. I wondered about Africa Brass but it’s pretty pricey. Apple mailed to say that they have just bought out the Ipad – as if I hadn’t heard elsewhere. I mailed Dick Jones about the Patteran Pages. Some post arrived from the works.

I mailed PW with some thoughts about building a LFM library. Next came River. I read some reviews – it’s an album that divides opinion. I paid especial attention to Louciana Souza and began to see what she was getting – as a singer who comes out of bossa nova. I mailed PW about the Tea Leaf Prophecy. Then I put on disc6 of Hhancock 60s Blue Note Sessions which is based on The Prisoner – an expanded group with a lot more free playing – this counteracts the impression I had that this collection is blander than the Grt 5tet. In fact Prisoner is recorded after Hhancock left the 5tet and it is before he started to move towards funk. The reviews on amazon.com are generally better informed than those on the UK site. I switched to disc3 some of which I used to have on vinyl – a free improvisation with just bass and percussion. This disc also has Cantaloupe Island which was famously sampled. The CI sequence uses the minor chord a semitone below the tonic as a dominant.

I mailed a colleague in anticipation of David Cameron’s speech in Yorkshire. Just before lunch I tried the bear again who put on Bukka White – I suppose he must have been feeling really out of sorts. He wasn’t much better after lunch until finally he put on Water Falls Down. By the end of the afternoon he was playing DJ Smash – I think this was the Russian one. But he still gets confused over different recordings of On Green Dolphin Street. Just when I was really annoyed he pulled out Mellow Yellow.

I came across a paper on skills and globalisation written by a couple of people I used to know which introduced the concept of digital Taylorisation of global service value chains so I mailed it round to a few friends.

Blues files on the Patteran Pages. Corinne Bailey Rae on Later.

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