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2010-05-28 - 7:02 a.m.

James said his seminar went OK – not many people turned up but those who did mostly had something interesting to say. I decided to order the Olive CD even though its got one enormous hit on it. The bear started out in a very strange mood – I asked for EBTG radio and he played my own instead. Finally he relented and it looked as if he was going to put TT on but then he switched to Derrick May Strings of Life which is ambiguous between the two. Then Hhancock’s Little One which has to be mine.

Sue sent me a recording of her son playing the Hindemith Trumpet Sonata – which was very impressive. I replied once I had heard it through. The sonata seems to have been written just before H emigrated to the US at the start of the 2WW. Bear played Buy and Sell which made up for the earlier confusion. Laurence mailed about shareholder value and I replied drawing on my own limited experience of both holding shares and value. I completed another of those admin tasks I have been putting off.

The comms were still difficult after lunch so I switched to CDs – Sorceror, Innerzone Orchestra and Live from a Mountain Stage. Compared with Live in Japan, LFAMS is very very direct – partly because the harp synth sound she is using on her keyboard is so minimal that she puts as much life as possible into the solo vocal line. The only problem is that the CD should be twice as long. I also played Shine which I have yet to properly digest.

Good to have the Culture Show back.

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