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2005-02-18 - 9:30 a.m.

Its time for me to start banging on about the Race Against Time - see button at the top of the page - left.

Keith has swapped a copy of Tim Hardin 1 & 2 for the Graham Bond Organization at Klooks Kleek with me. The KK, he says, is exactly how he remembers it.

The TH is many times better than I remember. Gary Burton is on vibes, John Sebastian on harmonica. No 1 was 1966 and is up there with Sunny Goodge St and In My Life for pointing the way. The songs are very short - most finish at around 2 minutes. The vocals performances are astonishing - somewhere between jazz blues and country. And the songwriting is extraordinary. Hang Onto A Dream is a 22 bar sequence - can you name another song with that periodicity? Misty Roses sounds like Jobim. And apparently its all done through a chaotic fog of heroin. Its hardly credible. Wonder who played the alto flute? There are even moments that remind me of The Smiths.

Otherwise a pretty cold day. Mails from Andrew K, Larry and Paul W . I cant wait to read Andrew’s new PM analysis.

I spent most of the day on the Wwk 2005 organizational theory which foregrounds narrative and change. I feel we are pretty much up with this - at least having got to the end of Ch12. I need to factor into it to by Manufuture (UK Vision) Skills paper. I was surprised to see someone referred to in the Wwk tome who I knew in Edb in 1975. This made me look up his colleague and my one time office neighbour and I saw that he still works in Edb and has published on LW rules and institutions quite recently. - more affordably available as an e-book. I looked up a review and mailed it to Laurence - following it up with some thoughts on knowledge management in future-oriented organizations. I really do think its close to what he was doing in Strategic Leadership - esp now that I have unearthed the notes I made at the time.

We have had a Wwk report on one of our activities and I made a few suggestions on how we might respond. Then Stephen unearthed the WM Regional Skills Partnership - launched about 3 weeks back very quietly. I mailed various acerbic comments to colleagues.

Someone in the office explained to me how to see stuff on E-bay. I have bought but never sold. So I had a look at old science books - which is what I have to sell - and also old synths - which is what I have a weakness for. Downloaded a FM synth manual and contacted a seller about transport. The intention to buy is fermenting, According to GEMA this means I sense a propensity to answer the question ‘why” with conviction.

I made some progress on how I might complete the Lul story - probably as an editorial on the Lul site - and issued various invitations to give feedback.

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