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2005-02-19 - 8:48 a.m.

On the train this morning I was so engrossed in one of the White Stones that I missed my stop. Keith kindly met me at the next station and we talked about Mark and the Les Cousins revival. Keith had read in the in the Times a very positive wider discussion of the need now for places like LC was then. (K went on to mention the Finn Bros.) I agreed I would source him the latest ND compilation from FOPP. An opportunity to get more Nitin Sawhney - currently playing and at least as good as the first one.

My computer gave up - which is a shame because it has an XG sound card. So I retreated to Leantown to find that Mark G had mailed me Andrew’s new PM Annex. I esp like this bit:

“Paradoxically, Drake uses moon symbolism to provide the listener with irresistible, unknown knowledge of a much older, more ancient type: a matriarchal order that resonates deep within the unconscious psyche through the more subjective connection projected onto another and with whom he may have been emotionally involved. Drake harnesses the macrocosm through this encounter. Arnold Schoenberg utilised the symbol of the moon in his song-cycle Pierrot Lunaire which sets twenty-one poems of Stefan George written at a time of emotional turmoil”

I must unearth my PL commentary. The moon ‘gets’ Pierrot in the penultimate poem by fooling him into thinking that his appearance is irremediably marred as he embarks on (yet another) adventure of love - this results in his utter deflation, loss of confidence etc. This is a terminal echo of the murkier stuff in the middle as I recollect. Shaky ego then.

Of course in the original story Webern was noble.

Tonight its tandoori bacon and ginger with chapattis, courgettes and mushrooms dressed with advocado. Fills a hole. 3 vids ready for some unwilling accomplice. Progress of a sort.

Played DRY - “if I put in on” etc. Also my Tori Amos comp - which sounded better than I remembered.

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