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2005-02-15 - 8:05 p.m.

Captain Peter phoned back and we talked about some next steps. An exchange of e-ms had prompted me to restart KK news after a 5 month break. Try the Highveld button above and take the News option. There is a really interesting article about the history of the AK 47.

While you are on the site, take the Lullabies Talking Heads button off the box on the front page and have a listen to 'Simon Plays A Short Piece' which is the last pick in the Simon Prager section. The short piece is a delicious bit of country blues picking and some straight ahead singing. Blind Lemon Jefferson’s Shucking Sugar.

Peter and I agreed that the next step is to complete the PDCA cycle on Lullabies event.

Talking of guitar picking, Mark has found a trailer at:


with just Jackson C Frank’s Milk and Honey as the soundtrack. Have they remastered it? It sounds beautiful - so clear and poignant.

Talking of links, I hadn’t realized that the Race Against Time site has been updated to cover this June’s event.

Hurrying to Oxford , I found Miss Anscombe’s great work on Intention and skimming it I discovered (to my surprise) I must have understood some of it (certainly not all) the first time - good enough reason to reacquire it. Also the reconstruction of the course on the foundation of mathematics that Turing attended prior to inventing the computer. I tried the first two of the Lectures - and I was (again) surprised how familiar some of the points were from the Investigations. I hadn’t realized that these points were directed at the foundation of mathematics rather than the philosophy of mind. The other great thing about this volume (besides the fact that it is cheaper than all the LW stuff except the Tractatus) is that it records some exchanges between LW and Turing - so you get a vision of two of the greatest minds of 20th century kicking the ball around.

I met Laurence in the coffee shop in Blackwells. He had been buying tape and leads for the 8 track analogue which his elder son is going to use to recorder his younger son's band. The elder is the one who did the CD with SONY in Seattle.

We went off for a trawl of poetry, philosophy and business/applied economics. I nearly bought Horkheimer’s 1947 on the death of reason but postponed this as I have Benjamin on Baudelaire on order.

Some very promising material on knowledge management. - including some up-to-date stuff on software development and the capability management maturity measure. I want to mix that with the quality standard material we did for the Cambridge Automotive Leaders. More generally the KM material is germane to our emerging ideas on the future of Euopean manufacturing. Especially the view that the ‘knowledge’ isn’t just in the graduates.

On the way to Oxford I read A Sketch for the Financial Theory of the Self which is a JHP Kitchen Poem several times. Laurence and I toyed a little with it in the pub - and I see that Mark has mailed several paras of helpful orientation for the Kitchen Poems. All very promising.

He reports that Friday Les Cousins at Shepherds Bush went well - Peter who did the sound on the ND orchestral demo and at Tanworth in August did the sound at the Bush.

A day with a lot of fine features - the commercial festival of eros not included as far as I could determine.

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