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2013-02-19 - 3:05 p.m.

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This morning I bought two Joe Farrell albums. Yesterday I talked to Keith about the time I saw him in the Elvin Jones trio at Ronnie Scotts. JF was so good that I knew I would never be able to play jazz like that. JF peaked at about that time and then slowly sank back into obscurity. The mp3 album I bought is with Hhancock on electric piano, J De Johnette and Stanley Clarke. Of course it sounds very good - it has been compared with Miles in the Sky in its orientation. I also bought the CD, Outback, from the same era with Elvin Jones and Chick Corea.

Keith and I were chatting at the celebration following Tony Burns' funeral which turned out to be a very dignified event. Keith's portrait of Tony was on show and excellent it looked. D Sorensen, now a English Prof at a Catholic University in Philly, gave an oration. DS was the great fan of the White Hart band in its classic phase - back then he was doing a MPhil. We chatted at the celebration and it emerged that he is now an expert on Carlyle and Ruskin. He is in charge of a massive project to edit Carlyle's output and make it available online. Despite my best endeavours I arrived at the Crem just behind the coffin. I took a tube to Turnpike Lane - but the bus from there was late.

Keith Geoff and I also remembered the Jazz Expo 67 where we all saw the Miles 5tet and the Archie Shepp band with Charlie Haden. Keith and I also saw Charles Lloyd with Keith Jarrett and J de Johnette at the same festival. All good prep for what was to come.

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