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2013-02-20 - 7:49 p.m.

A new video from Didier using a GI-IC pieces

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There are four new tunes on the Widget - Cheese, Pebble Pikeman, Ladysmoker Fraction and Reduction. I sent some more stuff to Gilbert, recorded a bit of Dhorn. Still working on eight note scales with a wholetone core. R Thompson was on the new R2 folk programme. I have been listening a lot to Joe Farrell - vaguely hoping that some of his soprano style will rub off. Otherwise it has not been very eventful. I hope I havent left it too late to get a ticket for the London Sinfonietta Minimalism event next week. I have booked into various events with Nesta etc and I have an idea for a new article.

There was a programme on R4 today with a recording of a discussion between Iris Murdoch and David Pears. I dug around and foudn a 2nd hand copy of his 1980s book on LW for less than a 1 so I ordered it. I have been reading Cognitive Capitalism and thinking about its relationship to some of my themes. The Breakfast Club was on last night - one of my favourite 80s movies. I suppose it s the script and the acting. You have to admit that some of the bratpack could act. I bought into a LA project on Kickstarter - it had just made its target. I met the actress who is leading the thing in Bishopsgate.

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