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2013-01-08 - 9:58 a.m.

Fluid Comedy and Faun Out Again are new on the Widget. We have slipped up to 51 on the London RN Capital Chart. I still havent been out - esp not to a Post Office. I have run out of Polish beer.

I was sent the Melody Gardot/Hhancock version of Edith and the Kingpin. On the Joni Letters this one is sung by Tina Turner. As I checked this out I discovered some bonus tracks on the Joni Letters which are new to me with Sonya Kitchell. She was still in her teens when Hhancock bought her into this project. I have ordered SK's first EP - from the US - the price of a 2nd hand copy is hardly anything but the carriage is a bit more. I still have to listen carefully to MG's first album, the Bedroom Sessions, which is on Grooveshark.

I have joined the BBC jazz mailing list and the latest one is about the Cherry Thing. On Monday night they broadcast a live performance from July at the Village Underground - it s still on the iplayer. I have been past the VU on the Overground but hadnt realised what it was. This led me to Neneh Cherry's 1988 Raw Like Sushi which I certainly missed at the time.

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