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2013-01-09 - 7:06 p.m.

Mirroir and Swiss Hooter are new today. I managed to get to the post office and post the lead back to HJA. That also meant restocking on Polebeer. It s the first time I have been out in a week. I need to buckle down and do my tax return. Just as well I have submitted my next article or I would feel 2013 had been really idle.

An Alan Furst dramatisation is on TV tonight. I read several of his spy stories in 2007. After that James' supervisor is on TV talking about Stalin.I found a site which permits one free download a day from MG's Bedroom Sessions. So that s what I did and I ll try to find it tomorrow to do another one.

Yesterday Peter Burke's book on the social history of knowledge arrived. I felt the need to get into this area after reading the Kuhn summary.

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