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2012-11-07 - 12:41 p.m.

I have spent some time promoting our new album Fruitful on Spaceward Records via email and FB. Responses have started to trickle in including one from Radio 3's Late Junction which was very heartening. I need to build an RN page for the album which can be used by reviewers. Two brand new tunes at the top of the widget loaded up today.There is a new link to Fruitful at the top of this page.

Monday I managed to get some more Polish Beer. Yesterday I went to the Hooke Room in the Institute of Physics to listen to presentations on social mobility and education. The research seems to suggest that education now has little impact on social mobility. Human capital theory is out and cultural capital seems to be much more in favour.

After the event I dropped in on the Horse and Groom which is round the back of the BBC. A great pub which doesnt seem to have changed in 100 years. I didnt stay up last night to watch the US election - I went to bed and listened to Radio 4. I was right about Ohio. A contract arrived today from UKCES.

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