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2012-08-15 - 6:26 p.m.

Three new tunes at the top of the Widget above - Title, Avocado and Unmentionable Secret. We think they sound quite good so do give them a try.

Lunch at the Victoria Giraffe today. I listened to Howard Riley's Angle on the way back. It was recorded in the late 60s as a piano trio apart from a couple of tracks where B Thompson plays flute very well. This album is on the margin of disappearing from view I think. I also listened to the R3 download on Oliver Nelson.

This weekend I went to Brill to see shooting stars and failed miserably. We also went to a nature reserve near tring. I saw a Hobby but didnt see the Little Stint which was also exciting bird watchers. My next appointment is Saturday week in Rotherhithe and about business.

It appears that Mo Farah went to my old school in Isleworth.

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