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2012-07-04 - 6:35 p.m.


We have reached 2000 plays with the 200 pieces on the Widget above. I can see very few further options for removing underperforming tracks so that I can load new pieces up. I still haven t heard from RN about having more space on this page. One move might be to put some the pieces with 10 plays at the top of the Widget so their totals go up. The majority - 110 pieces - have between 6 and 10 plays whereas about half that number have been 11 and 15.

Last night I played the John Martyn video from 1987 in Dublin with Danny Thompson. I enjoyed it so much that I missed the first half of the second episode of Line of Duty. I caught up later on i-player. The narrative is twisting and turning well and the episode ended with a shock.

I wrote to Andy H about the treatment of the harmonic series in the 2nd Ch of his Music and Aesthetics and he wrote back almost immediately saying that he is slowly working on a second edition. I have just started a Ch on the boundaries of music - whether there is a separate endeavour called Sound Art for example. I am missing my access to Spotify - as this feeling increases I may well have to sign up for the paid-for service.

I caught the last half of Mahler's 9th Symphony on R3 this afternoon. I find hard not to hear it as the end of an era while the future of music is happening elsewhere at the same time.

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