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2012-07-03 - 7:50 p.m.


Colony is a new piece at the top of the Widget. Spotify is now only allowing me 10hrs a month. But before my allowance ran out I had identified the two books of Images on Walter Gieseking's complete Debussy piano music. He was the pianist on the first few Debussy piano records I bought in my teens. It seems he stayed in Germany during WW2 and had some trouble immediately after the War on that account. The Images are said to be the most demanding of all the piano pieces that Debussy produced. They were written in the first decade of the 20 th century before the Preludes and the Etudes. On the Gieseking collection there are a number of pieces in the 2nd collection of Images that are not normally included. Quite why this is I have yet to work out. They dont seem to be linked to the orchestral images.

At about 11.40am I left for Russell Square. My destination was the Institute of Education in Bedford Way. It is located in a massive 60s building which stretches the length of the street. The free lunch eventually turned up and jolly good it was too. There were 4 presentations starting with one from Ewart about how to get a smoother transition from education to employment. Susan presented research on progression in high street coffee firms - I asked quite a decent question about management training. The final presentation was about apprenticeships as a route for getting into universities - a very complex subject.

After the show I dropped into the bookshop and found a copy of Andy Hamilton's Music and Aesthetics. I read the first couple of Chs on the tube back - some very useful material on Greek thought. The Pythagorean thoughts on harmony and number probably came from Plato. Music does come from the Muses but in Greek education it was part of much broader collection and indeed wasnt the highest status part of the bundle. In Plato's Symposium the musicians probably include some prostitutes

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