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2012-06-25 - 8:46 p.m.


Two new pieces at the top of the widget today - Six Minors and Reworked. I tried a new track on Andrew K but I need to go sparser. The abandoned tracks are usually worth including as part of a piece with Gilbert.

I met Steff for lunch at the Viaduct opposite the Old Bailey. I got lost on the way from St Pauls' Tube to the pub. Steff was slightly late - she too got a bit lost. The Viaduct is on top of the remains of the old Newgate Prison. After 3pm you can down to the cellars and see the remains of the old cells. Steff was going to a briefing in the Houses of Parliament so we couldnt stay for that long. It turns out that my sister works nearby, has toured the Old Bailey but didnt know about the Viaduct.

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