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2012-06-24 - 5:11 p.m.


Our RN Band Equity has reached the record high of 140. Two new pieces on the Widget - Withdrawn and Shuttlecock. Andrew K has accepted the two mp3s I have made in response to his request. However the piece I did for Bill has nose-dived even though I made it much more stringy. Try the new pieces - there are some AK aspects to them.

It took me a long while to get to Amersham - I made two mistakes. The first was trying to use the Circle Line and the second was with the platform indicators at Baker St. I took a taxi once I got to Amersham which was a good plan. The return journey was under 2 hrs because I went via Rayners Lane which is more like a straight line orbital route even though it involved 4 trains.

Bette was at the hospital. Paul looked much better and it is obvious that being treated by experts has been a good move. I took him two cans of 7% Polish beer which he seemed to appreciate even though alcohol is not allowed on the ward. The hospital itself was surprisingly civilised.

I watched most of JFK on C4 after midnight. I thought it stood up pretty well. I have been looking round the net of Wendy's area of speciality.

I was talking to HJ about These Days and that led me to a J Browne/D Lindley live double from 2006. Then it was Solo & Acoustic vol 2 and then some old faves from the 90s. The way the electric gtrs are recorded on some of those tracks is a joy. Spotify has put up some of his 80s albums that I missed.

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