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2012-03-30 - 3:54 p.m.


An outbreak of sociability as I met Peter C at the Q-club to hear Charles and Andy doing their jazz duo. Then on Monday I met up with Margaret at the RFH as she was on her way to Nottingham. Then on Tuesday I had supper with Rob and Wendy in Hay's Wharf. I managed to take a couple of fotos with my BB and post them on my FB page.

It has been the Schubert Fest on R3. I was so taken with the Am piano sonata that I ordered a CD with Brendel playing it which arrived yesterday. I downloaded the score and went through the Brendel take and also Uchida's which is on Spotify. I ended up copying some harmonic progressions from it and trying out various combinations of synths. A mix has gone to Gilbert.

In the Schubertfest they said that his last SQ - in G - was psychotic. I am pretty sure that I have a recording and the score of that somewhere. The 4 Glass SQ's have arrived.

I have been listening to the Earbits contemporary composer stream which is pretty good. I have pitched in the GI-IC RN page but I am not that optimistic as the standard on that stream is pretty high.

The Waste Land was on Radio 4 this afternoon.

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