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2012-03-24 - 9:42 a.m.


As ever there are a few new pieces at the top of the Widget here.

I haven't written here for almost a week. I have been out a couple of afternoons this week - once to meet up with Derek and Jo-anne at the St Margarets pub.

Musical effort has gone into a midi line that came from the Dhorn a few months back. I have been playing it through the Arpy synth and experimenting with other parts.

I have been trying to simplify my affairs but havent got all that far with it. Loquat played SXSW and seem to have enjoyed themselves. I have been listening to Halou who also come from SF. I have ordered a CD of Philip Glass's first 4 string 4tets really on the strength of hearing the first one on R3.

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