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2012-01-21 - 9:15 p.m.


Yesterday morning I caught a train from Victoria to Brighton where I eventually found Mike at the designated pickup point. We drove to Sue's house for lunch. On Thursday night we had all listened to the R3 concert which featured Shostakovitch's 7th symphony - the Leningrad - which provided a good topic of conversation. We drove up to see how far Sue's house has got. The roof and walls are there and the internal room layout is gradually emerging. Sue had cooked a rabbit pie for supper. It s the first time I have eaten rabbit since I was in Provence eighteen momths ago.

I slept very well in a large bed with a silk duvet. This morning I had a go with Sue's Bechstein grand piano and I was surprised how much of my rudimentary technique came back including the changes to various Broadway songs. We went to Lewes for lunch and then I caught the train back to Victoria. I spotted that Andrew K has a viol piece on R3 tonight. I mailed him and I was surprised to know he didnt know anything about it. There was a Radio 4 programme about Jung and Freud which included a contribution from John Forrester. I looked him up and found it is the same person I vaguely knew when I was at university. Tonight is Burns Night.

I have just discovered EBTG's My Head is My Only House Unless It Rains which is a lotal delight.

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