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2012-01-27 - 6:12 p.m.


I was digging around in Youtube and I came across the comment that Inara George is a cross between Harriet Wheeler and Imogen Heap. Perhaps this is slightly over the top. Nonetheless I ordered a copy of Lode's CD which is the first band that she joined in the mid 1990s. This was very cheap 2nd hand - around 2.50 including postage. I also looked for the two Merrick CDs which was the indie grl-grl group she was in next. The 2nd album was very pricey but I decided to splash out on the first.

This week I have been listening to the evening concerts on R3. There were 2 Shostakovitch SQs earlier in the week - nos 1 and 11. Then a Debussy evening with orchestrated versions of some of Book 1 of the Preludes and then the Piano Fantasie which I had never heard before. It is from 1879 and rather good. There was also a performance of Berg's 5 Symphonic Pieces from Lulu. I have Lulu in the uncompleted form somewhere but I decided to get a EMI double CD which includes the Berg 4tet doing Berg's Op3 and Lyric Suite and the % Symphonic Pieces.

I have a new vocal track from a remix competition but I can t remember what the singer's name is. I have sent one remix over to Gilbert. Yesterday on EBTG Radio Swing Out Sister appeared. I had never considered them before and so I spent some time digging around. Their albums from the 1990s are out of print.

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