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2011-11-20 - 2:51 p.m.

Having filled up the page that feeds the widget above, we have started a new RN page here


It is registered as a Classical page and has got off to a good start - in 2 days it has risen 100 places in the RN London Classical Chart to 141. We have jumped even more on the UK Classical Chart to 378. I think on this basis we should be on the Global Hot Classical Chart but I havent tracked that down yet.

At the Apollo for B Dylan I was very taken by the band. Charlie Sexton played lead guitar extremely well. M Knoppfler played for the first three numbers but BD sent him off after that. CS looked liked a wired younger D Bowie. It turns out that while he was still a teenager he was mixing with LA session royalty and indeed supported DB on one his tours in that era. He also seems to be on D Henley's Boys of Summer. Quite a career - he is the son of a teenage mother and learned blues guitar as a child from excellent teachers in Austin TX.

I should add did a lot of classic songs - Like A Rolling Stone, Dont Think Twice, All Along the Watchtower, Hollis Brown, Hattie Carroll, Hard Rain - one couldnt ask for more.

Somewhere there s seven new people born.

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