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2011-11-19 - 3:45 p.m.

I had dinner with Nigel on Thursday at an Indian restaurant in Whitton - we were at school together and hadnt really met up since 1967 so we had a lot to talk about. There are six new tunes in the Widget above which Gilbert sent over this morning. I have started to work on the tracks individually as well. I am working my way through the Atlantic Coltrane recordings. I have just been listening to Coltrane's Sound which was recorded at the same time as My Favourite Things - I had never heard it before but it is really good. Now we are on to Ole which someone lent me when I was about 15. It has E Dolphy on flute. Yesterday another article came out and have been getting some decent feedback on it. I have also been doing some more electronic sounds for Andrew K. Off to the Hammersmith Apollo this evening.

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