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2011-10-15 - 10:45 a.m.

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The last week has been active and sociable by my standards - the next week is less so but there is a Platonic Curry gig on Tuesday at the Ship in Kilburn. Andrew K had asked for some electronic sounds around A & B. I wanted to use the Minimoog and downloaded it but I couldnt get it to run. I did find out how to load it into the SONY. In fact I found a store of free softsynths and loaded 2 more in so I now have 5 soft synths plus all the DLS voices. This invites more music - but I must remember that Gilbert is off on his US tour at the end of next week. Andrew K has mailed to say that the A-B tracks are on target. Richard C left a nice note on my wall.

This weekend is quiet - but that is probably a good plan and I can always wander up to the Polish Shop or organise my finances. Or indeed keep on working on HH's little one. I am playing it a semitone down to suit gtr voicings. But I have downloaded the tune which I need to learn in the right key. I talked to a retired Romanian judge yesterday. I am playing Mother's Spiritual a lot - also Idlewild.

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