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2011-10-13 - 9:22 p.m.

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Yesterday I met Rob in the usual pub in Covent Garden and we moved on to the Jazz Market in Camden. They had mailed to say the jam had been cancelled but there were two interesting piano based groups. Firstly a jazz-goth singer songwriter and then an innovative trio of alto sax, piano and speaker. The words were film-noir style narratives about the hero in what sounded like 1940s LA. They all wore tight dark suits and the speaker looked especially freaky. Andrew K has mailed with a spec for more electronic sounds.

Today I met Jonathan at our usual spot at Wspoons in Victoria Stn. He is flying back to the Gulf on Saturday and then quite soon off on a trekking hol in Nepal. He has climbed Kilimanjeiro. We discussed our jobs and their pecularities. I left at 3pm to get to the Paddington Hilton to meet John and Ken to talk about industrial policy. I bought a copy of Philosophy Now which has a number of excellent articles - two on Hegel - one on his idea of God and another on Master/Slave which takes the analysis onto a new level. There is also a good article on Dawk's objections to religion and yet another on Whitehead's process philosophy. I got home about 6-30pm to start reducing the emails.

Ettus left a nice message about Four Trio - about no 6 in the Widget here.

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