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2011-08-19 - 10:37 p.m.

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I have been working a lot on the 3 tunes I plan to do at the next OM in Gt Miss. I am developing the harmony in Berkeley Square and also to some degree in Foggy Day. I have changed the arrangement of OGDS a bit as well. I am also getting a feel for the 4 band EQ settings on the Crafter that best suits the state of the strings, my style and the music - I am running the amp flat with no reverb. I have also been thinking about the jam in Camden - it s relationship to the jazz rock we used to play in the late 60s. I haven t yet started my next article but I have been feeding the firm's Twitter stream. I have been working on some duos in Cubase using the new headphones and have sent 3 pieces to Gilbert.

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