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2011-08-21 - 4:27 p.m.

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Listening to Erwartung conducted by Boulez - I have seen it performed at ROH. I like it a lot - it dates from 1909 which is a fine period in Schoenberg's creative life. I went to Gfd yesterday and liberated an exciting stack of books and music. This includes my score of Billitis and the recording of the Epigraphes Antiques which they turned into as 4 hands at the piano. Reading this stuff I realised that the Debussy songs from the same literary source are something completely different. Apparently the author (Louys) even worked in some Sappho Frags - what a glorious mix. The bits that are used in both the Debussy streams are small compared to the 134 poems that L wrote. The Erw CD also has a very musical version Pierrot Lunaire plus a bit of Gurrelieder.

We have put a number of pieces into the Widget this weekend.

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