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2011-04-24 - 12:54 p.m.

The piece that started on the gtr migrated to SMS and I sent an mp3 of it to Gilbert who was doing a pottery performance with his wife. Gilbert said he he thought it was strange - something I just can't hear. I was worried that it was a bit too plonkingly obvious. I managed to complete the piece despite the fact that I was recovering from the Good Ship Kilburn the night before. Today it looks as if the latest play, visit and widget figures are OK but the band equity has gone down rather than up. We still clinging on at 49 in the London Alternative Chart on Rn. I am going to keep the widget above as part of my diary permanently even though it means copying the code over each time. You can see on the Rn stats how many plays happen via this route. Needless to say I went onto my Sundays' playlist on GS

Someone started a discussion on quantum mechanics and religion on Linkedin. I looked up Dirac and found that he didnt have any sympathy for religious propositions - quite a big quotation to that effect. Nizan Liliane's photos of her bike trip along the Amstel in the sunshine are very attractive on FB. Dick Jones has gone away somewhere quiet with his family. I mailed Peter Crowther with a link to Gilbert's page of lute links. Easter lamb for lunch.

Dr Z has adopted a minute abandoned kitten in Cairo. It woke him up once in the middle of the night.

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