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2011-04-23 - 1:33 a.m.

There s a vid of JM doing One for the Road here


Junk Funk Collective, MootZoot and Platonic Curry were on at the Good Ship on Kilburn High Road. I got there on the Overground from Gunnesbury. The bands were all pretty good. MootZoot were playing their first gig for a year and were letting rip. There is some of their music here


I'd call it punk-ska but maybe it falls into a more modern genre these days. Platonic Curry seemed to have changed some personnel - I need to check this out with Penny, the lead singer. They had a better sound mix than when I saw them at the Jazz Market in Camden and Penny's vocals came across very well. Strangely it was the sax/leader of the band who was more lost in the mix. Jazz Funk Collective have a page here.


They were loud, tight and to the point. Platonic Curry are playing the venue again early in May. I caught the last train going west from Brondesbury and got in time to watch some of Later with someone from the old college playing the blues - also k d lang who reworked Constant Craving with her new band.

Earlier I tried recording some gtr on the Z1 but I was interrupted by Paul inviting me to the count on 6 May. I loaded up the gtr part anyway and started to add some other sounds. I got to the point where I could see that I was sketching and that I had to sort it out in a separate piece.It looks like we got just under 40 visits and plays on RN for the new pieces.

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