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2011-04-21 - 6:04 p.m.

Gilbert sent some tracks for the ALT pieces - I mixed 6 and sent them back for him to listen to. I came across some soundtracks from the video Foundation which covered a live performance of John Martyn's in the 80s - I particularly liked Angeline - I also latched onto One for the Road which I think must be from the 90s. One for the four strong winds that keep on blowing (me away). I looked at Mark's new Les Cousins site - quite a rosta of artists. Gilbert and I settled on four tunes which I put into the library and mailed off to the RN list - currently some 40 addresses. The tunes are quite restrained and are at the start of this tunepak:

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I think they make a rather unconventional intro - they replace Beard as the opener which is a jazzy rhythmic piece. Paul W mailed about the Ennagram and Paul B rang about his chaotic diary - he is Spain next week so he can't come and see Fred Frith at Cafe Oto. I talked to Jenny P about the Pink Moon Files - going to the Amazon page I see that they are offering a good discount and the first reader review has been posted - not at all bad. It was Miranda's birthday in BC. I got the Grooveshark to play some Sandy Denny eg the early recording of Been on the Road - So Long and Crazy Man Michael. Also the JCF songs You Never Wanted Me and Milk and Honey.

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