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2011-04-22 - 12:28 p.m.

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There were over 70 plays on RN yesterday as a result of putting up the new pieces - this doesnt seem to have shifted the Band Equity very much unfortunately. So here's a widget that I have just learned how to make. This starts with the 4 new pieces - quite quietly compared with the previous ordering. Honk ALT and Hiphippo all picked up 10 plays yesterday but Altar only got 3 - maybe because it was a late addition.

I found a 2004 vid from Later with J Martyn playing One for the Road - with a great band that really drove the thing along. In a nostalgic frame of mind I got the GS to play the first Fairport album - truely it is a wonder - wildly inventive writing and with great playing and singing. I am thinking of going to see Platonic Curry tonight at a club in Kilburn. I have been playing the guitar more lately - I am thinking about a rootless minor ninth sharp seven chord - in keys which are a major third apart - this uses B E and sometimes A open strings. Maybe I will do a piece which starts with the Z1 recording me playing through the Cube on these lines. I read yesterday that of the three Sundays albums, Blind is the most experimental and the one where Dreampop is most evident. This made me more interested in it than I had been hitherto. They say Dreampop leans towards existential lyrics. The vid is from their last album.

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