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2011-02-05 - 10:55 a.m.

Reverbnation has been occupying me. We have reached 291 in the local alternative charts - compared with 297 links on Linkedin. This is driven a lot by the link to FB but I doubt we will keep on making big jumps like this. The first exposure to FB brings in listeners esp from Gilbert's list which is pretty huge. Dr Z flew out to Germany and is I think heading to Poland - he has sent a lot of detailed info about the events in Cairo. There are more tunes in the vault which could go on FB but I am holding off putting them up. The bear played the Part piece for B Britten. I have the urge to copy some more Hhancock runs. I watched the film from NZ last night about vampires.I have linked on FB with Christine P the actress who sings in one of Gilbert's bands. I have also met an author and guitarist Richard Chapman who gave some lessons to Ben Watt as he was forming EBTG. I listened to a stream of contemporary material from Sound and Music. I have been talking to Mark G about Spaceward Studios. I have dug out some material for the Peter C project. I have tried to fill up as much on the Rn site as possible.


I have to say I currently like the music that s on there. I sometimes compare what we are doing with the other artists who are on a similar ranking on the Rn charts. Not much e-m activity today but yesterday was pretty busy.

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