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2011-02-06 - 1:53 p.m.

Gilbert sent me the link to our new FB site. He may have bought a delay box yesterday,


It looks a bit smoother than the Rn site. But on Rn I have discovered Tunepaks. I sent out a note to the people on our Rn mailing list - mainly about Tunepaks and the FB migration of our Rn site. I completed a piece based on another Hh fragment - I found this pretty easy to do - I even used some compression for the first time in a long while. I watched the BBC2 programme about fictional characters/heroes and also the one about Bob Monkhouse. My Linkedin total is over 300. Perhaps there s always some point at which self preservation takes over from everything else esp other-preservation. The Tunepak is here


I was surprised to get an e-m from MIT to do with that Peter C project. The new tune is called Waker (no n) and has some contrapunctal stuff. There is also Wake and Waken - none of these are on Rn yet. The line today comes from There is No Greater Love. There were some greetings from Birmingham U.

Today went up to 251 on the LAC on Rn - I found Xsara nearby this ranking and joined her mailing list. She is quite into the dullness of everyday life.

I talked to someone in the US on ANT theory - and looked up S Shapin's book on the airpump which is very celebrated. I mailed Gilbert about Tunepaks. I found some EBTG remixes - one nicely jazzy of Lullaby of Clubland.

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