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2011-02-02 - 12:31 p.m.

I have been playing some of Miss M's Clouds - her second album. Lately I can't speak too highly of the Seagull album. I think Clouds has always been in its shadow as it is more down to earth and less mythical. Anyway I played I Don't know where I Stand off Clouds and I remembered that it s on the first FC album and rather fine too - in both treatments. I linked up with someone who I knew when I was at the College - a very nice man as I recollect. There is a tendency to see both Clouds and Seagull through a cartoon version of Ladies of the Canyon and lump them all together as hippy-dippy stuff before the serious business starts with Blue. Well none of that is true for me these days.

I dont know why Dr Wu isnt called Katy Lied. Katy lies you can see it in her eyes but imagine my surprise............ I am beginning to get what PW sees in Feist. There were some hectic moments on the e-m. There s a good selection of EBTG remixes on GS. I sent an experimental piece to Gilbert also something about Reverbnation which I have joined by accident following a line from Vanessa Daou. I started another piece with three big chords now I know how to write them. There are some good songs on Out of the Woods that I have neglected. Exchanges with Mark G about a possible project. Gilbert mailed to say he could work on Wake. Dr Z is about to fly back to Cairo.

I think our Reverbnation site may be working


In fact it s already had 65 plays - I think it must be the FB link. My Hhancock transcriptions have arrived.

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