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2011-02-01 - 2:23 p.m.

The bear played Round 7 from Rounding the Dhorn - probably my favourite from that set - also one of the shorter Long Stories that is just guitar and Dhorn - I was surprised it was so together. I looked at what s expected of GP commissioning and was not surprised at the scepticism about its ability to deliver the sort of service innovation that is required over the next few years in the NHS. I played the Vanessa Daou stream that arrived yesterday - and found out how to use the paint tool in the MIDI editor on SMS. I noticed that Phil Niblock is coming to Cafe Oto this month - thanks partly to Brunel University Music Dept - he is surprisingly old - older than LMY for instance. There is something I am putting off doing. Paul W explained that it has been his birthday - which I never remember. I cracked on with a piece on the 9note scale which seems to be an excuse for moderate chaos. There was something on Egypt by Zizek which Dr Z highlighted. Mark G mailed with an intriguing proposition. I linked to Vanessa Daou on FB and got various items through on my News stream - I hadnt realised that you got music streaming on FB.

The DLS sounds in SMS cannot be very well assessed from their names.For example what is offered as electroflute sounds to me like a string patch. There are a lot to evaluate and each one has to be done patch by patch - they tend to sound different in different parts of their ranges. There is also the draw/paint tool difference which I am only just getting my head round. I mailed Charles about F Griffiths who teaches jazz at Brunel. I listened to In Memoriam on R4.

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