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2011-01-29 - 11:50 p.m.

The bear put on some Regina Carter - I thought at first it was S Grappelli and then some Cuban music but no it was out of Detroit. There was a discussion about Butowski on FB. I started a piece. Dr Z in India wondered about the situation in Egypt. I posted a few pieces on Linkedin. I added some Minimoog to the piece - this sounds so much better than the softsynth on SMS. I looked at the reasonably priced Alesis Palmtrack. My cashcard arrived. I loaded up the piano softsynth into SMS but still couldnt find the doorway for the Mm to get in.The bear played a Debussy song. I downloaded some free tunes and loops from the SMS site. The bear played Dionne Warwick's I say a little prayer which has been eclipsed by Aretha's treatment. I found another ON exercise I might do. I watched the documentary about Are You Being Served? and also the film with Ray Winstone.

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