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2011-01-28 - 10:18 a.m.

chatted to Mark about compression and the advantages of using valves. After lunch I took the tube to St James arriving early so I went into an Italian coffee shop - still reading Dr Z. It was pretty cold so I hurried along to Great Smith St to the CLES event. There were some free publications to pick. The presentations and discussions were interesting not least because they were so pessimistic about the Coalition's impact. I stayed for the buffet and a glass of wine and chatted to a couple of journalists. On the way out I met someone who had worked at DTI as a political adviser - we ended up thinking that maybe we are linked on Linkedin. Back home I started on another piece. I have been tidying one up quite severely and I think it might be finished. The new piece is about the I12 scale - 3 of them a major third apart. I felt fat. A message from Margaret.

This morning I sent one of the tunes to Gilbert - also the Wire's best of 2010. Vita has a new foto on her Facebook - of Chile. I sent her website to Penny who was very positive about it. Lots of S Dan on GS. Sue's dog needs to have part of leg removed.

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