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2011-01-16 - 8:24 p.m.

The bear picked a SP track called Frog Autumn - it was a choral piece. Here's the poem

Frog Autumn

Summer grows old, cold-blooded mother.
The insects are scant, skinny.
In these palustral homes we only
Croak and wither.

Mornings dissipate in somnolence.
The sun brightens tardily
Among the pithless reeds. Flies fail us.
The fen sickens.

Frost drops even the spider. Clearly
The genius of plenitude
Houses himself elsewhwere. Our folk thin

On the webpage where I found this, there s also Night Dances which is on Airburst Suite. I cant remember if they are both from her final creative burst. Then the bear pulled out the 1st great 5tet doing You're My Everything from Relaxin with MD which has everyone on peak form. The CD of the album '1958' from the KoB band costs over 40 in the UK. I started sorting out the papers for my tax return. Dr Z mailed to say that he had got a lot of work done and that he ehjoyed being in Bahrain. I read some of his book last Thursday. The bear seems to like Adele. I switched to GS for CBR. I found a live version of that song about the Midway from 1970 - also James Taylor doing River.I watched The Devil Wears Prada which I didnt see on the big screen.

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