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2011-01-15 - 1:04 p.m.

Back from Brill and C4CC I needed to spend a quiet day yesterday. Eventually I started out on a piece made from a fragment of Mark's Indian scale. I had a lot of trouble getting the WAVs across into SMS - I had forgotten how I did it before. Several of my friends seem to be having medical problems. Eventually I got 3 different WAVs loaded into a SMS page and began some mild processing and editing. This morning I continued the process. I need to start work on my tax return or I will get a smack from HMRC. You can play the I-scale in C as a mode with E as the centre which yields some gtr friendly avenues.

Gilbert has had a serious PC malfunction - IT seldom lets you rest easy. He has done regular back-ups fortunately. There are the seven or eight pieces which we completed post 10+4 which are my special concern. I should try and transfer them from the old laptop to the new one. There were some exchanges first thing on the future of lean manufacturing. I must get that nice piano simulator loaded into SMS. The bear put on Robin's Smokin Too Long which sounded very cool. Then he played Florence who I havent heard for a bit - she certainly puts her persona across. Yesterday I was on GS with lots of EBTG and SV. LFM seems to be advertising HP PCs. There were some exchanges with an old acquaintance in the North East. The bear came up with SS7 - I still like this stuff.

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