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2010-12-05 - 1:31 p.m.

After so much listening to Dummy I switched to Weekend Players who are as far the other way as it is possible to be within the same genre. The bear was being especially flighty.- maybe the mild thaw was making him think it’s spring? These days I check who’s been checking my Linkedin profile. Still no news from Newhaven CT . I remembered that at some point in the 90s I tried to make a techno piece out Debussy’s Flaxen Haired Girl Prelude – one composer I know liked it. Gilbert wrote to say his concerts are going well. Dick Jones explained that his poem is only one of six nominated for a prize - it remains to be seen who will win. There was a lot of activity on Linkedin for a Saturday including some in the philosophy group.

I started a piece by playing some guitar harmonies against a drum track. Then I added a lead line and a bass part. I wasn’t sure if the resulting piece was too untidy so I immediately went on to a second piece using the lead line doubled with the lines a tri-tone apart. I added some string bass and then some piano using the good softsynth. The piano part is quite out – maybe there’s some percussion to go on as well.. I watched the last episode of the American Dream which had film of T Leary and the Magic Bus also Bob Weir talking about telepathy. Later I watched the end of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – the subject of a joke on Miranda – then the Enemy at the Gates – a film which I know James likes. An e-m from Michigan has arrived.

Today I made a few changes to the 2 gtr piece – now called Starsplit2 and I sent it off to Gilbert. Then I thought maybe he could do something with the original Starsplit without the lead line on it but I couldn’t render it down to mp3 – there seems to be a glitch in the file 60% of the way through. – irritating. In fact the file was completely locked up so I woke the bear up to see what he had to offer – Duffy and Catherine Feeny was the answer – it got more interesting when he switched to Gong and Soma Sonic. There was hardly anything happening on Linkedin. I sent the new piece to Sue.

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