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2010-12-06 - 12:29 p.m.

Bear made a good start with Emmie – a live version from one of the later piano performance albums with backing singers. Soon he followed up with Lullaby of Clubland which I like a lot – and then rather cleverly he played some Robert Hood minimal techno. Gilbert mailed about various items – his second concert went well and was filmed. The sound engineer from the concert is going to give him more advice.. The bear played Biscuit – I think he was making a point about me switching off LFM to listen to my CDs. I mailed Bette an article by Andrew Rawnsley. The bear played a track off Trane’s complete Atlantic recordings – it is 7 discs for just under £60 but it is an amazing period of development – then he went to a live MD version of Human Nature..I didn’t feel like starting any new pieces. The bear came up with a Single from Walking Wounded which is almost pure triphop. I put on MD’s Live Evil disc 1 – there isn’t so much time between this and FdeK – around two years. Gilbert came up with the idea of using lute on the smooth piece, Before. I switched to Vanessa Daou’s Dear John Coltrane.

The new album has got a cover now


And we are working on other stuff straight away – some electric guitar based pieces and the smooth tune, Before, which Gilbert has put some lute onto – not what I was expecting. I went onto Travelogue – it’s a glorious retrospective – I used to listen to it driving up and down the M40. It is serious music – partly this is the orchestrations, partly the pitch of the voice, partly the selections. It isn’t pretentious somehow. Lots of e-m traffic today including a good synoptic report on UK competitiveness.

Maybe I have messed up my hifi speakers playing electric gtr through them?

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