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2010-11-25 - 4:55 p.m.

When I was riding around on Tuesday I read a lot more of J Demers book on electronica – so much so that her aesthetic began to colour my listening to the Polish music at Café Oto. Yesterday I was a bit slow after the fun on Tuesday. This morning I put a little more Minimoog on a piece and sent it to Gilbert with a question mark. I mailed Paul W about a Chinese survey and Paul B about Free vids. I see AK has been extremely busy. The bear played a track by Blue Skies and Before Today by EBTG – tonight I feel above the law and I m coming into land. I looked up Anne Sexton on Wikipedia. I left a comment about LEPs on Linkedin where I am up to 152 links. There was some interesting post from IET and also one from the University of Hertfordshire.

I connected the Dhorn via MIDI to SMS and added some more to a groove piece, having stripped it down a little first. But I couldn’t get the Dhorn to control the Minimoog which was annoying as I am certain I had managed that before. I did manage to record an attractive riff from the Minimoog under mouse control. It s clear I don’t understand envelopes in SMS. I revised the piece I had sent this morning and resent it. The bear played that Unhalfbricking masterpiece again.

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