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2010-10-27 - 2:47 p.m.

I spent half Sunday, all of Monday and half yesterday in Brill. The first two days it was sunny and the air was very clear so you could see for miles. I got the coach back from Oxford yesterday lunchtime in the rain. On Monday Cathie phoned in having just arrived back in the UK from singing Handel in Peking. I listened to a Jackson Browne compilation a couple of times in Brill Ė also Blue which is probably her most popular album Ė great tunes and lovely performances. The early JB like Fountain of Sorrow and Late for the Sky also sounded great.

Gilbert mailed today to say that the concerts with Scott Walton went well. We talked about how to get sustain on the electric guitar. I have had a break from making pieces which was probably needed after all that input from Lachenmann. I am wondering whether to stump £13-50 for a CD of his three SQs. I canít see any real alternative. I have been fooling around on keyboard with an idea thatís half developed Ė and thereís one boogaloo style piece I havenít yet mailed to Gilbert. I am going to see Sue in Sussex next weekend.

The bear was a bit sniffy this morning which I thought was a bit much given he has had about two days off. He hasnít come up with much out of the ordinary. I need to work out what to see at the London Jazz Festival.

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