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2010-10-28 - 9:23 p.m.

I got the bear to work on TT Radio and sooner or later up came Rollercoaster sounding as charming as ever D Thompson on string bass and the congas. I chased up some more Linkedin links having discovered a new grounds for linking in terms of group membership.

The White Paper arrived and I read it hrough sending off a few e-ms to colleagues. I decided to listen to Filles de Kilimanjairo and read some reviews. There’s a view that this album defines a new musical space – something I find rather inspiring. My sister was interviewed by BBC local news. I played some guitar along lines that I might want to follow on the piece that’s only half done. I sent a two minute ‘boogaloo’ piece to Gilbert asking what he made of it. I added some more to the half finished piece and wondered about a new concept in terms of where it goes from start to finish.

Gilbert mailed to say the boogaloo would do and we discussed the Vamp3 as a source of decent sound for different kinds of guitars. I watched K Richards on the Culture Show. AutumnWatch played the intro to Hazey Jane. My Linkedin links now total 95.

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