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2010-10-23 - 10:09 a.m.

I played my LFM recommendations and up came JM and James Taylor doing California live Ė itís from a bootleg of an appearance in London in 1970 which is no longer sold by Amazon. I visited some of the new LFM stations. I had a new idea about fourths and fifths within the octotonic scale and using the guitar I came up with a motif incorporating those fourths and fifths. I put that motif onto a bass within SMS and began to elaborate it. I realised that to take the piece further forward Iíd have to go back to the guitar. I watched the BBC2 programme about people experimenting with the way of monastic silence. An exchange with Taeko on quartals. On Saturday I always look up AKís diary.

I booked a table at the restaurant in Greenwich where Charles Alexander is playing on Saturday night Ė at least I sent the email. It looks as if the process of adding friends on LFM gradually leads people to try CJAM Music. I am in no great hurry. Gilbert is working with Scott Walton just now and so I donít feel under some sort of pressure to churn out pieces although I looked through the large file of automatic saves in SMS and I saw quite a bit that could be developed. Amazon mailed about a lot of things I didnít want to buy. Bear pulled up that very early recording of These Days which sounded just fine. I like the Nico version too. I played the piece called Sketchy which is just over three minutes long Ė I thought itís OK Ė thereís some Dhorn with wawa and you canít really tell that itís not a guitar . I sent it to Gilbert. Bear pulled up RFís Smokin Too Long which is a favourite of my friend in UAE and then he played Bill Evansí Stella by Starlight Ė a tune I like and have played quite a lot but somehow the BE version doesnít work for me.

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