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2010-10-22 - 11:26 a.m.

I got the bear up after the end of In Our Time on logic and set him on RSV1. Before long he came up with Know which I havenít heard for some while Ė why is it so gripping, I wonder, when there is so little of it? He also played something from Aja which I donít own also some James Brown and then the Stylistics. The bear also pulled out a track from the first Lamb album which I bought in the 90s and always liked Ė the combination of songwriting, jazz and drumnbass. There was an exchange with PW over the rise of the princelings in China. The bear had the nerve to turn up and ask me if I was still listening and then he stomped off. When he finally returned at least it was to play Time After Time.and then Mandalay Ė the singer has made a solo album since which I looked up on her site and am rather tempted by. Then bear played some Taeko which sounded very relaxed. Robinís Catch These Wings followed very well Ė I havenít heard this track for a while although RF is now in my LFM top 15. I decided this was a good time to drop RF a line. The live version of Judee Sillís Enchanted Sky Machines sounded just fantastic. Brad Mehldau wasnít far behind and then the bear picked up the Fire Sermon followed by Tutu.

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