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2010-10-19 - 5:52 p.m.

Taeko Kunishima replied to my LFM shout I was surprised and pleased I replied immediately. I tampered a little with the long piece featuring Dhorn maybe its getting into a finished state. I got the bear out of bed and he tried to lift the mood with Its All True , then we ran into comms problems for a while. The bear came through with Mr Cooper then Dont Play that Song. Strange dreams last night. I put on the Platinum Collection but the machine locked up eventually I got the bear back and he put on something from Bitches Brew and then gave up again so it was back to RLJ2. Sue mailed and I replied about possible dates to vist her at the end of the month.

One of my new LFM friends left a shout about S Plath. I had seen SP in her charts and from there I had added her to my library curious about what may crop up. I added some gtr to the long piece I thought I had lost the best take and indeed the one that s ended up on the track is a not so good 2nd take it doesnt matter too much because it s just one voice amongst several. But I did find the first take and I used that as the basis for another faster track. It s the same pattern as before design a line to be added to something and then take it out of context as the basis for the next piece. This could carry on indefinitely.

Last night there were some exchanges with PW about Mandelbrot especially Ms discovery that price movements in a market dont conform to normal assumptions some of the time but are more variable than you might expect. M used his theory of fractals to explain these larger variations.

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