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2010-10-18 - 9:59 p.m.

I was listening to one of my newly accessible LFM stations when a track from The Paul Simon Somgbook came up – an album I owned decades ago. The opening acoustic lick was very familiar and then the voice told me what it was in a rush of nostalgia. It seems that PS for a long time didn’t like the way these solo recordings sounded compared with the later Simon & Garfunkel harmony treatments.

Jon Cole and Laurence mailed about Clive Bell. Gilbert seems very interested in CB too. PW didn’t like M Collings on Raphael. There’s a long piece with wawa Dhorn I am not too sure about – there will be plenty of time this week to change it. Eventually I got the bear settled and picking tracks including some old faves like Dreamtime, This Old Heart of Mine, Rhythim is Rhythim and Alexi Murdoch’s Orange Sky sounding strangely familiar. I read Alison Stephens’ website. The bear pulled up some Taeko Kunishima which sounded pretty good. I left her a shout on her LFM page about the Friday performance. Then appropriately the bear played MD’s Time after Time. Jules Holland asked Cindy Lauper last week how it felt to have written a MD classic – answer pretty damn good. Then Esthero – another funny girl. Spooks wasn’t quite so good as usual.

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