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2010-08-25 - 1:45 p.m.

Amazon delivered North Marine Drive plus the EBTG boxed set. NMD first - quite melancholic, lots of excellent sax playing, quite a depth of reverb, some extra tracks with R Wyatt. It gets tagged jazz-folk. I am surprised this music made any headway in the early 80s. It meant the bear could have a lie in. It would be good if I could get some gtr into SMS - somehow I think this will be best done with the Behringer amp simulator. I got confused about J Tchicai at Cafe Oto - it's two days in September. The early EBtG needs a full spectrum to be appreciated .Amplified Heart really does stand out. – it takes up about two thirds of disc3. I am leaving disc 2 for later. Dr Z thinks he may be able to visit Bruno Latour but is leaving for Cairo in a few days time. Louise is going in a few weeks – she will be there for eight months, I think. I started a piece by looking through the SMS loops until I found one which looked worth developing.

I woke the bear at the normal time – before long he had put on 60/40 again. While I think it’s a great song it’s not one that I listen to every time. James Young’s Songs they don’t play on the radio is also a great book. The bear went back to sleep and so I decided that later had arrived and I would play disc 2 of the EBTG set which starts with a Crazy Horse cover. Things pick up with Love is Here where I Live. Desire is a child clings and I know the trouble it brings. Also the autobiographical Oxford Street. I wonder where I first heard all these songs – which album they are on? The new SMS piece could be going somewhere.

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