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2010-08-26 - 2:46 p.m.

Dr Z hurt his toe walking round Lille and limped a little on his last day in Paris. The new SMS piece is flirting with becoming noise. I have actually sampled some Cage for it. Then I rendered it down to a single WAV, reloaded and imposed some time structure on it. James flew to the USA this morning - I think he has an orientation day tomorrow.The bear started with some relaxing Brad Mehldau then Buy & Sell.then the likeable Jens Buchert also Nosowska.Dr Z sent round a review of an ecology book which started by quoting Gary Snyder - I mailed it to PW. Gilbert's illness got worse at the start of the week and now he is in hospital - luckily he has his laptop and can get connected. Just in case I sent him the 1 minute burst of abstraction.

I played North Marine Drive which starts with a song about Surrey – it is mostly quite down in feeling if not in tempo. I think maybe the title song is my favourite – it’s the one which the bear plays. I lived in Marine Square in Bton in 1973 I think it was. We played folk clubs, bars and restaurants. It was before the first oil price hike which made me think that this way of life was not lviable longterm . I found it easy to get job offers but heaven knows if I chose the right one. There’s a review of NMD which compares it with Pink Moon. I think I prefer NMD to the Watt/Wyatt stuff which comes as an extra.

I put on PW’s Red Blues which I haven’t heard for a while and had forgotten a lot of. There’s one very reminiscent song from the Ghosts repertoire – one I used to enjoy playing. I think our version was a bit harsher than the one on this album – in fact it s the Ghosts song.

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